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Primal Striptease

Born & bred in the Phillippines, Elle Navarro definitely has the hottie genes that seem to run rampant in the Filipino community. The gorgeous Low Rider Magazine covergirl has a “dirty angel” type of beauty - she looks like she’d be the sweet, responsible, caring girlfriend - who’d also fuck your brains out every night and perhaps invite her hot friends over for some threesome action. Or, as Elle herself says - “sweet with a side of naughty!” - and she would know best, wouldn’t she? Anyhow, if you’re not already majorly crushing on Miss Navarro, you will be as soon as you check out this photo set. It’s not just any boring striptease session - Elle caves to her primal & carnal urges and actually rips off her sweet pink lingerie with her teeth! Now that’s what I call passion - and very sexy.

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Tags: girlfriend, striptease, threesome


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